Monique Dolls
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Monique Dolls is a Tallinn-based Sex Doll Rental Service!

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Sex Doll with Private Room Rental in Tallinn Center.

10 minutes walk from Seaport or Old Town.

SexDolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic than you can imagine!

NEW! WE WILL CHANGE OUR WORKING ARRANGEMENTS. The room is disinfected and EVERY DOLL GOES TO A QUARANTINE for 3 days after use to ensure your safe use!

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Want a doll?

Dolls are so beautiful, ultra realistic, available at reasonable prices and able to fulfil all of your sexual fantasies and emotional needs.

You can choose - Rent a doll for an hour, or buy from us at a good price.

Dear Customer!

📣 Now we offer you a very good discount! 💝 Every fourth visit -30% 💶 Do not forget to take the card, because with three cards, the fourth visit is only 35 eur!🃏

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Confidential, Safe, Legal!

Here at Monique Dolls, we can guarantee that all of our sex dolls are completely legal to buy or rent. We always keep customer safety in mind and we would never put you (or us) in risk of legal trouble. In case you're not clear, this is not an escort service in disguise or a form of prostitution - it's simply a high-quality sex doll available for purchase or rental. Sex dolls are legal items. Now we offer Estonians the chance to experience sex dolls in the privacy of their own home or lodging.